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ELO hell in League of Legends is a place that you don’t deserve to be in. People will tell you that it’s a myth, that there is no way ELO hell can exist but if you look at the numbers, there is such a place. It’s the place where your LP gain is lower than your LP loss. You gain LP whenever you win a match and you lose LP whenever you lose. Now, losing is not entirely your fault as it is a team game. But sometimes you could be the cause of a big mistake that causes your team composition to crumble because you got picked off. But oftentimes, it’s the fault of you teammates.
You can get stuck in a division which you though you could overcome easily. What happens is in most of the games you play there, there will be a person new to ranked games and they will treat it as a normal game and there are people who will AFK after 5 minutes into the game. They do this in the hopes of getting free wins but usually it turns out to be a loss as the manpower to defend or attack a base is not strong enough. But the people you should avoid are those that are considered toxic. Not only do not play good enough, but they grill you for every mistake you make. This could be a kill that you didn’t follow through because you sensed a gank at the end of that bait. But even if you did follow up you’ll still get trashed. They really don’t know what they want as are not very good teammates. If you meet one of these people report them ASAP. They need to be reformed or removed from the game.
An elo boost takes care of all the problems you can encounter due to low LP. With it, you can now escape from ELO hell if you had to be unfortunate enough to get sucked in that realm. It can also allow you to escape from the tiers where those that throw games gather. If you drop there, good luck winning because you will have a team mate who will throw a game every now and then. All your wins will get destroyed for nothing.
Now, ask yourself if you need a boost or not. If you think you can still handle it, they good luck to you. But when you feel the pressure and are on the verge of punching a hole through your monitor, stop, breathe, get a boost, go out to town and enjoy yourself. When you wake up in the morning, it will all be a bad dream

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